Riiid Labs Names Marten Roorda as its Executive in Residence

Education Technology Insights | Friday, December 04, 2020

YJ Jang, CEO

Leading company in education technology Riid appoints Marten Roorda as its Executive in Residence to help empower global teaching leaders to transform learning through Riiid’s cutting-edge AI.

FREMONT, CA: Riiid Labs, a pioneer in AI education solutions and the global arm of Riiid, names the former CEO of testing non-profit organization ACT, Marten Roorda, as its Executive in Residence. Roorda served for five years at ACT, a forerunning college testing company, where he led the company in making his vision of adaptive, personalized learning using dynamic and open educational resources a reality for students globally. In the new learning ecosystem, measurement, learning, and navigation are integrated, allowing more students, regardless of their background or resources, to succeed. Riiid Labs will play a central role in applying its cutting-edge innovations in AI for education.

“We’re delighted to add Marten to the leadership team at Riiid. Marten has been a pioneer in educational technology for more than two decades. He developed e-learning and a learning management system as early as 2000. He introduced remote proctoring to the market in 2006. He is a globally-recognized architect of adaptive learning, industry standards, the use of open educational resources and the use of AI in learning and measurement. We expect Marten to play a critical role in accelerating our global growth.” Says David Yi, CEO of Riiid Labs.

Roorda joins Riiid Labs from ACT, where he served nearly five years as CEO. Among other education initiatives, ACT developed the ACT test, the leading U.S. university admissions test. Roorda has a highly-distinguished career in education innovation, serving on many prestigious boards. Roorda also serves as a senior advisor to New Markets Venture Partners, a pioneering, growth-stage, double bottom-line investor that scales transformative technology firms that enhance education and workforce outcomes, which leads to superior financial returns.

Having established as an R&D company, Riiid has come a long way in terms of successfully deploying both its AI solution and building long-term business partnerships with its B2B clients. “We are developing a whole new academic ecosystem, and in the near future, we will leave the current educational paradigm far behind and embrace all that AI has to offer,” adds Yi.

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