Setting up E-Sports Teams at Universities

Education Technology Insights | Monday, February 25, 2019

E-sports trend is on rise due to the popularity of competitive gaming. Universities are keen to explore and have opened an avenue for young people to explore this trend. Funds are allocated for gamers to provide them with advanced equipment. The universities are on a lookout to attract more students for enrolment; set up like these will bring in a diverse set of students. It is not mandatory for students to be on the team, but they can also play for recreational gains. E-sports have educational value too as a ward can enroll for game designing and e-sports management programs.

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Budget cuts often strain colleges, and thus, they must identify other academics benefit of the facility to have a multifunctional unit. Before setting up a team, the management should understand the nature of competitive games and set up proper connectivity lines to avoid disruption. Accessories improve; since they are a significant part of gaming, ergonomic design in accessories will provide more comfort and focus while gaming.  E-sports facility can be started in a simple place like a computer lab and later be expanded; some of the institutions may install a full-size arena to host competitions. The competitions and the audience are expected to grow massively. E-sports activity helps in team building and institutions can support students by providing them necessary facility.

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E-sports is not contained to just leisure; it is also a business where returns can be expected in the form of branding, advertising, and TV deals. To set up an e-sports team, it is essential to find a teacher who can mentor the team and motivate them. There are substantial benefits to students when they take up e-sports activities: they can expand their career option around the functions of the game; scholarships will help the students to gain interest to pursue college and help them to build a better future. Students are more involved in gaming activities which helps them grow friendship and develop their problem-solving skills too. More than fame and money, e-sports can reap value-added life skills for students to prosper. 

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