Simplified Classroom Learning and Collaboration with ReadyAI

Education Technology Insights | Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The introduction of tools and technologies such as Real-time Media Streaming has simplified classroom learning and collaboration today. The sharing of educational information with classmates, teachers, and peers is made significantly easy with cloud computing. Artificial intelligence implementation also redefines teaching and learning methodologies by helping students to analyze their motivation and learning preferences. The K12 education landscape is today a testimony to the development and adoption of state-of-the-art education technologies, making learning a much more personalized and immersive experience. The K12 technology platform will focus on improving old school learning by providing modern digital solutions for gaming based education.

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AI-in-a-box, an integral AI educational solution for the K12 teachers and students, has been launched by ReadyAI, a teacher-friendly education company based in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Designed for users of all levels of expertise, each box provides students with everything they need to teach them how to use the key AI concepts for real-life problems including curriculum, hardware, and software. Six key AI concepts, including visual recognition, recognition, facial recognition, handling of objects, landmark navigation, speech generation, and vocal recognition, are covered in the unique program. ReadyAI is the first K12 AI educational company with a teacher-friendly focus to develop an integrated and ready-to-use K12 student solution. It enables K12 teachers, through their unique and proved project-based study programme, to train students on key AI concepts.

AI-in-a-Box provides a formal teacher education that provides teachers with tools and resources to learn key AI concepts in just four hours. One AI-in-a-Box allows up to fifteen students to participate in a single school year and is available to teach up to 1,000 students.

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There are enormous opportunities for beginning disruption of traditional student and academic support, depending on the desire for a radical transformation of the institution by leveraging disruptive technologies like AI. This ensures that way a future student interacts with a college or university can be fundamentally changed. Only those institutions, product/service companies, administrators, educators, startups, and technology professionals who are willing to move toward the future will be able to distinguish themselves from the rest by bringing superior and transformative experiences to future students.

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