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Education Technology Insights | Monday, February 18, 2019

The question of introducing technology in the classroom has passed through different layers of debate. According to the research by Pew Research Center, almost 73 percent of Advanced Placement and National Writing Project teachers agree that in the classroom they use smart devices to provide the students with better education and these smart devices helps their students in completing their assignment. It is the proper time to deploy appropriate technology to facilitate the whole process of learning. U.S. Public schools attained D+ grade from The American Society of Civil Engineers. According to them, 53 percent of schools need better infrastructure to achieve 'good' status.

Digital transformation has to be implemented in schools. The previous passive learning structure has been broken. Digitalization ensures the direct engagement of students in their learning process. Digital classrooms will open up new windows of knowledge before the students and will encourage self-learning. Use of technological devices plays a vital role in achieving classroom equity. Technology in the classroom helps to build digital citizenship skill among the students and facilitates their journey to the bigger world of occupation. But, this transformation will not come in a day.

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The schools have to understand that the purpose of the digital class is to keep the students attracted and connected. This digitalization should focus on the creativity of the students. Cargo-bot is an application that obliges students to compose codes that enable a robot to carry boxes. This application directly addresses a student's logic, problem-solving skill, and creativity. The schools need to provide an intriguing platform to the students. Harbor Beach (Mich.) Community Schools has gifted its students a library, which will enable them to have a modern learning experience. It provides strong Wi-Fi, HDTVs, and notebook computers. Futuristic schools have to ensure video conferencing and collaboration tools. Through video conferencing, the students will be able to share their thought with other students, and this sharing will help them to grow mentally. There should be a focus on the proper implementation of cloud-based services. The teachers will upload research papers or assignments, and every student will have access to it. Owensboro (Ky.) Public Schools have introduced a District of Innovation Tech Network Center which will help to make the students fit for the future.

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Adaptive learning technology can be fruitful to students. Harvard University’s Personalized Learning Collaborative at the Center for Education Policy Research has done interesting research and has pinpointed that adaptive learning can help the students to earn better grades in mathematics. 

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