Social Media Channels and ERP at the cross section

By Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Social Media Channels Social media has moved way beyond just the means to connect with friends and family. It has become a powerful marketing tool for businesses to reach its market and find new global audiences. To understand the scope of social media platform Brandwatch Research published a statistics which shows the astonishing global reach of social media platform.

Organizations have been integrating their enterprise resource planning (ERP) with social media channels to promote brand identity, improve internal communication, and connect with customers, vendors, and partners. Enterprises can provide a unified customer experience across all touchpoints and channels by integrating social media channels with the profile of potential and existing clients. The integration will help enterprises in creating a valuable customer and sales service platform.

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Digital interactions through social media activities, website browsing, wearable technology, and connected devices have not only helped companies to get closer to their customers but also facilitated the improvement of business models and operations. Social media, mobile, analytics, and cloud services, also known as SMAC have helped to disrupt the conventional model of one-to-one communication and on-premises hardware and software model. The cost-effectiveness and broad reach of SMAC technologies have created global business opportunities.

A two-tiered operations model can be implemented in ERP IT environments to take full advantage of the benefits of SMAC technologies. While the first model consists of stable, successive, and slow processes, the other mode offers an iterative and agile approach allowing the development of digital products and services. This Bimodal IT Model has been instrumental in increasing customer satisfaction by bridging the gap between separate functions.

The introduction of a central platform for ERP systems integrated with social collaborations makes it much simpler for enterprises to own and create native digital media content, breaking down barriers to customers. An integrated ERP system allows businesses to connect with their customers, empowering businesses to build their brands and expand their boundaries. 

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