Tactics for Endpoint Protection

Education Technology Insights | Monday, July 08, 2019


With an increase in the number of endpoints, it becomes essential to develop network protection on the campus.


FREMONT, CA: With education networks being easily susceptible to cyber attacks, it becomes a necessity to advance on security strategies. Among other issues of the education system, endpoint protection constitutes a major problem, which needs to be addressed immediately. The list continues with the use of personal devices inside the campus, which also makes the issue urgent. 

With the introduction and growth of one-to-one computing and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) programs that let students access their tools, endpoint protection has become important. An appropriate way out can be to make students and staff aware of the virus and malware, that cause harm to the network and the websites and cautioning them to not download from malicious sites.

Below are a few key elements that go into ensuring endpoint protection:

• In response to hackers that move swiftly inside a system, conventional security software developed to keep away from threats will not work. To keep this in check, next-generation technology takes a proactive and automated approach by regularly scanning the networks to identify the risks in advance and prevent data breaches.

• Detection response is a critical part of the defense strategy because a breach is often inevitable even with robust security systems, so a Plan B is essential Cloud backup software, along with an efficient incident response plan, can come to the rescue.

• User education refers to making customers aware of the network violation, which stands as a central defense line. Students, faculty, and administrators must be alerted to making general security mistakes and should also be told about the penalties to these errors. Even with network segmentation (a computer network further split into sub-networks), continuing security assessments, and next-generation endpoint resolutions put in order. The expensive equipment can work if the staff with access to sensitive data is not prepared to distinguish the dangers.

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