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Education Technology Insights | Thursday, June 27, 2019

While there are numerous technology-based resources available to engage students, many educators find it challenging to adapt them for use in classrooms.

FREMONT, CA: Educators today need to focus on the introduction of new learning techniques as opposed to the traditional methods of learning. Millennial kids and their increased hold onto technological gadgets today is a well-known fact which cannot be wiped out easily. So, with changing times, the idea of teaching can be modified accordingly.

1.  Conducting a Virtual Field Trip to Make Learning More Fun

It is nearly impossible to make a trip to a location each time due to an organizational issue when explaining about a famous building or a natural phenomenon. It is almost impossible to make a field trip due to organizational concerns to a location each time when teaching about a famous building or a natural phenomenon. This matter can instead be resolved using a virtual simulation with the help of ample amount of Augmented Reality applications available.

2.  Reinforce Videos to Explain Several Topics

Numerous studies have shown that human brain processes images and videos way faster than words. Implementing this scheme of coaching students with videos to give them a general idea on a particular subject matter helps them understand better, significantly increasing their aptitude of problem-solving and critical thinking.

3.  Introducing Blogging

Blogging is the simplest way to connect technology with the classroom. Many content management systems are in use today which helps users write and maintain blogs on relevant topics; some of the issues that students can write on are Short essays, poems and a perspective about a character that they fancy.

4.  Sending Meaningful Content

The vast majority of students today spend ample time on smartphones. So, this can be converted into an opportunity to deliver assignments, study material, and reports or make them download grammar learning programs or reading applications.

5.  Online Engagement for Students Who Get Their Work Done Quicker

Online activities can be offered to pupils who have completed their tasks ahead of time by setting up educational games and letting them browse through websites or videos of relevance. This plan adds up to turning their time into something productive before the class is over.

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