Technological Trends Impacting the Corporate Learning Experience

Education Technology Insights | Friday, February 15, 2019

The current era is profoundly affected by technology that plays an important role in nearly every sector. It has a profound impact on education. Technology transforms the learning method at an accelerated pace with new advancements like blockchain, AI, AR, VR, and machine learning.

In an organizations’ learning method for employees, technology plays a key role. Technologies enable learners to move beyond the development of basic skills to improve employee performance. Their use can benefit students by adding to the learning experience context, relevance, and personalization.

Blockchain acts as the concept of portable credentials in learning. A learning authority such as a university or a company can issue a secure digital credential encoded in a blockchain. This credential can then be used when applying for a job to qualify for a role. Other credentials obtained from different reputable sources can be assembled in a certain field to constitute a degree or specialization.

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Several forms of AI will have a fundamental impact on short-term and future learning. AI will make more relevant recommendations in the near term based on learner preference, history, job data, and per-user data. AI in combination with biometrics acts as a learning coach that can measure learning efficiency and adapt to learning behavior.

VR is one of the most dominant trends in learning and development in emerging technology. The combination of immersion and presence enables students to experience the feeling of being in a digitally simulated environment and experiencing it. This, in turn, will lead to higher levels of commitment and retention. VR has various key learning uses. VR transports learners to another world and allows people to do what can be dangerous, too costly or too difficult to perform in real life. AR overlays a digital image in an environment in the real world. AR can improve traditional learning by providing a 3D view of objects to improve understanding.

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These are exciting days in the field of learning and development. By leveraging the emerging trends, it is possible to develop learning and training experiences in an efficient manner.

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