Things Teacher Consider Before Implementing New Technology

By Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Teacher TechnologyWith new Edtech Tools coming into the education industry, it is essential that teachers put them to use in their instruction.

FREMONT, CA: There are new and latest edtech solutions available to assist teachers and also enhance their teaching experience, but how many educators make use of their availability? One of the reasons for this question is the time available with the teachers to invest in modern tools owing to their working hours.

The innovation in the EdTech arena does not end there, but the modernization of technology to augment the learning experience keeps progressing rapidly. The problem also arises when the end users do not use the technology, and no amount of marketing and purchase at the school or district level is going to be sufficient. The way out of the issue is to focus on the financial metric of ROI by the R&D activities to increase the customer base with the educators.

Below are a few things that teachers bear in mind before adopting new technology tools.

• The clear benefit that technology offers

• The learning objective and if the technology supports the purpose. Also, knowing that the tool helps in acquiring knowledge on a subject matter at the grade level remains is an important motive. 

If the technology increases engagement, there is no point in adopting a device that does not add to the increased engagement because when the participation is more half, the battle to educate the learners is already won.

• Engagement helps in making learning more accessible, but there are many other ways that technology can make an educator’s job simpler. One way is to employ integrated programs that help teachers ease the use of administrative tools such as slides, spreadsheets, and calendars are effortlessly accessed within one place adds to document communication. Moreover, quick response on written work and producing engaging presentation also append to the organizational tools put into practice as all of them are stored in one location.

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