Opportunities in M-Learning to Boost Employee Engagement and Learning Experience

Education Technology Insights | Monday, April 08, 2019

Technological advancements have changed the way modern learners expect and prefer to be educated. The applications of technology must also boost workplace productivity. On average, employees waste one day per week searching for information to do their job productively. The basic functioning of the educational criterion have remained unchanged for many years, and in many ways, they are preventing the companies from exploiting the full capabilities of the tools that they have at their disposal. Businesses can harness the outbreak in mobile device usage to increase the effectiveness and impact of workplace learning and development exponentially. The developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and steady advances in areas like the Internet of Things (IoT), smart objects, and wearable tech are going to become more portable and more connected.

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Companies can offer m-learning (mobile learning) experience to help employees improve their performance and productivity. Some forward-looking organizations are seeing this as an opportunity to strengthen their employee engagement and boost their brands. M-Learning can significantly reduce the need for training, which can save the organization investments in terms of time and money. This training module is beneficial for both office and home workers because they can access the training when it best suits them. M-Learning makes use of digital assets like video and graphics; the content is also lesser, making it easier for people to understand. An individual user must have the freedom to personalize the learning experience, define volume, frequency, and type of learning activity. It is now possible to build more powerful modern AI algorithms into m-learning solutions. Microlearning can bridge the gap of productivity quickly and effectively; it is an effective tool for performance support when needed.

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Gamification in m-learning will create a more interactive and engaging experience for employees. Competitive features in gamification will motivate the workforce in the learning context. Employees must be given tools and environment to learn and share their experience. Training methods that suit the employees’ mobile lifestyle must be adopted.  Organizations must understand and address the expectations of the workforce to stay relevant and credible.

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