What Are The Benefits Of Online Assessment In Education?

Education Technology Insights | Monday, October 26, 2020

Modern technologies in education are affecting the education systems in an effective and meaningful manner. Online assessment is one of them which can become a game changer in the industry.

FREMONT, CA: The modern-day education system is not similar to the old traditional one. Now the time has come to overcome the outdated teaching methodology. New technologies have started to impact the education industry in an effective and meaningful manner, and it is changing the way of teaching, learning, and assessment process.

New method of online assessment in education is introduced, but still, some of the people are not ready to adopt these methodologies due to several reasons. Here are some ideas of unwillingness to take the online assessment:

• Lack of training

If there is a lack of knowledge and skills, people will hesitate to adopt new and modern methodologies. A prerequisite for using traditional software tools was a fair amount of technical know-how and expertise. There are some people who need to be trained to use these tools, which were a time consuming and expensive affair and might explain the reluctance that most educational institutions have towards adopting such technology extensively.

• Pressure to confirm

Some brave people do try to do things differently, but they are frowned upon by traditionalists, who are reluctant to change their ways. There are two ways to fight this type of pressure— either keep fighting until the goal is achieved or just give up and succumb to the pressure.

• Test-centric mindset needs to change

According to the traditional method of evaluation, academic achievement is defined by how well someone does on a standardized test. The education system is too outdated that it helps students to achieve better test results rather than helping them to understand a concept clearly. There is a requirement of a tech assessment model to shift in mindset where teachers assess the student to understand his weak areas and strengths better and then use those parameters to design teaching to be most effective. To analyze the progress made by each student, some technical assessment tools come built-in with data-driven analytics. Such comprehensive reports can go a long way in convincing the teachers to change their approach towards assessments.

Here are some advantages of using online assessment tools:

•Built-in flexibility to assess an array of skills and competence

These types of assessments test a range of abilities of students. Along with that it also presents educators with the opportunity to assess a wide range of skills and competency in their students that are far and beyond what any standardized test can offer.

• Transparency in marking

These assessment criteria are transparent and make for an unbiased and impartial grading system. Tech assessments typically come programmed with the option to specific marking criteria, based on which tests generally are graded.

• Delivery schedule can be timed

In order to deliver assessments as per a specific schedule with minimal input from teachers, there is an option to customize the online evaluation tools. This will offload a lot of their workload. Apart from a delivery schedule, by customizing these assessments to mark or grade the submissions automatically can further reduce the workload for the teachers and making the grading system more organized.

• Students with disabilities or learning difficulties can customize

Nowadays, technology can make it simpler for students with disabilities to perform better during assessments by customizing it as per their requirements. As per one’s need, the assessment can be changed in an audio/visual format or the font, the text size of the presentation can be changed.

• Other benefits

Students and teachers can access it from anywhere or anytime without any difficulty. The feature of customization is a boon for the students as each course module can be tweaked as per an individual’s requirement. The results are also published on time, so it enables teachers to review their lessons and courses in a more effective manner.

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