What Are The Features Required To Create Micro Learning Content?

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Microlearning is mushrooming in the education sector so it is necessary to create effective and engaging microlearning content quickly.

FREMONT, CA: Microlearning is gaining popularity because unlike long and tedious content, it delivers smaller chunks of content to the user, which is exciting. Microlearning lessons are typically five minutes, which allows the user to learn with a lower cognitive load. It will enable the learner to retain the information and create content quickly.

Here are some features you will need from your eLearning authoring tool:

1. Video Implementation and Editing

Top 10 LMS Solution Companies - 2020While creating microlearning content video support is necessary. Video support is also enabled to develop the content quickly, and it’s also indispensable. Without video, you cannot control the time frame of a lesson. Without video, you cannot control the time frame of a lesson. 

2. User-Friendly Editor

It will add amazing video content and an excellent plan for what you want to include in your eLearning course. Try to adopt a tool that doesn’t force you to go through complicated steps to access a feature you need or make you guess where your much-needed tools are hidden. Also, try to opt for an editor that is easy to use on different platforms like tablets and mobile phones; because you are not aware when you will need to take your content creation efforts on the go.

3. Interactive Features

Due to interactive learning microlearning becomes so useful. Learners retain the information much more effectively when they are prompted to interact with content. Any interactive content does not exist without the participation of the user. Without interactivity, microlearning video lessons are directly short courses. Mostly they are easier to understand than long video courses, but not effective without the integral ingredient. If the video content will be combined with interactivity, it will create a good space for learners to experience these scenarios, commit mistakes, and learn from their mistakes.

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