What New are Edtech Startups Doing?

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 28, 2020

Tech innovations are taking the realm of education to a whole new level.

FREMONT, CA: The pandemic has given a constructive break to the industry of education. Learn from home is the trend that the outbreak of the novel COVID virus is marking the world with. The scenes of locked cities and shut countries show that the world as a whole is home. Amid this, education has to continue. Students would continue to learn, and teachers would continue to teach but, from home. To make this happen, technology emerged as the only chief enabler. This trend became a spring for a large number of educational technology startups to sprout up their ray of innovation.

Top 10 Edtech Startups in Europe - 2019Realizing that the future of digital education could be essentially reinforced by technology and its implication on the education systems as a whole, the world saw a flood of companies producing arrays of developments that would transfigure remote and online learning paradigms. Edtech startups have come up with a modular solution that has all the capability to replicate a classroom and its environment almost entirely. This gives students who are connected to the teachers online a wholesome feel of being learning in a physical classroom.

Also, startups have also developed schedulers and intelligent trackers, which all would preset the classes according to the subjects and time them up. The daily roster or the class schedule can be shared with the students and followed to avoid all the chaos, which would otherwise become a natural consequence. Also, the trackers help both the students and the management to ensure that the rosters and schedules are followed and time is taken into consideration.

Edtech startups are also producing innovative solutions that pertain to education outside of the classroom. This essentially implies that there is a mammoth number of tech solutions that offer education on the realms related to career guidance, remote courses, competitive exams, and other core skills that students of today need to cope with the race and competition. Online education has become a feast for emerging edtech startups to strengthen their place in the market.

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