What New has IoT Brought to the Education Industry?

Education Technology Insights | Thursday, August 29, 2019

IoT in education is helping the development of innovative digital learning applications upgrading the quality of teaching-learning process.      

FREMONT, CA: The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of those technologies that is winning today's digital world with its applied science of connectivity. Technology has modified the way of traditional education, and IoT is playing a significant role in revolutionizing the education space. IoT in the classroom integrates the benefits of IoT in business, content delivery, and healthcare. It enhances and customizes education by enabling optimization of all content and methods of delivery. It allows both the learners and the educators stay focused, along with creating strategies to reduce cost and labor with the essence of automation.

IoT advances productivity by simplifying day to day operations. A lot of time is usually consumed on redundant activities that do not add any meaning to the core aim of the schools. Recording attendance manually in the educational institutes takes up a lot of time; this process can be streamlined with IoT-based connected solutions. The data can be collected and sent to the central office server with the help of IoT end-devices, automatically eliminating the necessity for any human intervention. Due to this revolutionary shift towards the IoT, the arduous task can be eliminated. This allows them to focus more on learning and teaching.

Information provided by IoT enables educators to deliver enriched education equipping teachers with easy access to robust educational tools. With improved education, the security of the students is a significant factor that needs to be given special attention. With many students, no institution can monitor the activities and whereabouts of every student. The students in an educational space are more exposed to risks, requiring smart security when compared with the population at any different places of work. This is where IoT comes to the rescue of educational space and makes it possible for teachers to keep track of students. GPS-enabled bus and technologies like 3D positioning help in monitoring students round-the-clock. IoT will be further integrated into the education space in the near future. Most of the schools are using it to prepare its students to become profoundly tech-literate. 

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