What School Administrators Want to Know Before Installing an Edtech Solution

Education Technology Insights | Friday, November 16, 2018

Teachers should be particular about the Edtech products that are used in the classrooms. The teachers only have a limited amount of time which cannot be wasted on unwanted products that don’t serve the students. Edtech companies need to design the products that rightly meet the requirements of teachers. School administrators have some key questions that can improve their decision-making.

Problems resolved by Edtech technology: Administrators will look for the technology that serves the real purpose. Educators want to know if the product can solve the actual issue and if it can be easy to use. Administrators would want to know why the company has created the product. They want to be sure of the benefits in the classroom that allows them to then purchase the technology.

Can teachers can be benefited? Administrators need to know how the teachers can be benefited by the technology, as they are the ones who would use those products. Classroom management or behavior modifications are the aspects where the teacher might want the product for. Teachers and students should be aware that the product is designed to help for a better presentation and learning.

Evidence of Edtech products: Administrators will not spend the money on products that don’t work. Technologies should carry evidence to prove that the product designed works more efficiently in schools. The management needs to know whether the product does work and not need products that provide unproven promises.

Providing support for teachers: As teachers will not have access to technical professionals, they need to know whether there is any support for educators long-term. Customer service and continued professional development can also increase the interests of teachers which increases the sales for the solution providers.

Reasonable costs: Administrators want to invest for products to help students excel, but at the same time, they undergo pressure to cut down on costs and save money. Edtech companies should be transparent about costs which enables the administrators to make wise purchasing decisions. Companies should offer price breaks for large volume orders or different price structures for scalable solutions.                

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