When Learning Becomes Digital

Education Technology Insights | Monday, June 24, 2019

Personalized learning has transformed the education sector, introducing a tailored curriculum according to the interests, preferences, and learning needs of the students.

FREMONT, CA: Personalized learning is changing the landscape of education. It is transforming the school culture, pedagogy, curricular choice, and availability of resources to reform the learning environment employed in educational institutions. The approach of personalized learning is aimed at optimizing the pace of education and the instructional methods according to the requirements of the learner.

Alternate Classroom Design

The approaches employed in personalized learning include adjustment of the learning pace, optimization of learning objectives and content according to the learner, consideration of learner interests and the convenience of the learners, and augmentation of the instruction methods through efficient utilization of technology. Schools are also implementing novel classroom designs to let natural light stream into the learning space.

Enhanced Learning

Personalized learning methods emphasize the instruction approaches based on learner-driven objectives, content, pace, and sequencing. The activities are student-oriented and include the utilization of tools designed to augment individual pacing and provide tailored instruction. The instruction methods are personalized according to the learning needs, preferences, and interests of the learners. The incorporation of digital technology in learning has enabled to shift the focus on individual development, background, experience, and so on to empower the learners in fulfilling their career needs. It also accommodates the diversity among students and equips them with the needed resources to aid them in their goals.

Competency-based Education

Education organizations are remodeling their teaching practices based on the capabilities of the students. It has enabled students to take ownership of their learning and form personal connections with their peers and instructors. As a result, students can choose what, how, when, and where they want to learn, while at the same time, providing flexibility in terms of instruction standards. It is designed to assist the upbringing of all students, regardless of their income, race, and culture, and inculcate in them the knowledge, skills, and abilities to prepare them for the future.

The engagement of learners is essential for learning, and personalized learning ensures their engagement by tailoring the learning experience. It includes the participation of students in group activities where instructors can engage the learners with targeted, fair questions to prepare them for the upcoming lessons. The instructors can leverage technology to assess the performance of students in real time. The performance data can be compared with the established criteria and be used to tailor the learning objectives as required.

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