Why Education Sector is Using AI and Blockchain

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The education sector is applying blockchain and AI to transform teaching and develop online learning platforms' advantages.

FREMONT, CA: For learners, blockchain makes information accessible and open. AI helps to boost interoperability between individuals and teaching. The internet explosion and emerging innovations like blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) have led to transforming education worldwide, generating many benefits for online learning platforms.

Mobile Learning predicts the Next Revolution of online education

According to Global Market Insights research, the global online education market has always experienced rapid growth after the internet infrastructure network became better and broader. The size of global EdTech (Education Technology Company) start-ups has been projected to surpass US$190 billion by 2018 and is anticipated to exceed US$300 billion by 2025.

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The companies also expect global online education shortly to be a type of phone learning (Mobile Learning). Currently, pursuing this pattern, TENTech Group OU is one of the leading StartUps to grow its educational ecosystem.

Ten Education Foundation

The Transparent Enlightened Network is an online education project utilizing blockchain technology, intelligent contracts, and artificial intelligence (AI). The project is designed to be a centralized global online education platform founded by Tentech Group OU that implements blockchain technology.

The ecosystem of TEN focuses on humanity and accountability, maintaining the integrity of information. By extending group environments, the TEN platform alters the way individuals teach and learn, helping to open up a new age for online education around the world.

Use blockchain to increase the completion rate of online courses

The completion rate of online courses on most platforms is low. Up to 81 percent of registered students can not complete the course according to a start-up on online education, even though they have registered and paid all expenses from the start. In the last two years, this rate has also increased.

The TEN online education platform refers to the use of blockchain technologies. Data is registered on a decentralized database for several reasons when learners enroll in a course, like verifying registration, the basis for payment of tuition fees, and recognizing learners' evaluation clearly and directly.

Personalize learning with artificial intelligence

In contrast to traditional crowds' passive reception, learners will customize their learning with online education and particularly mobile learning. TEN aims to develop an advanced curriculum, enhance the pace of learning, and adapt instructional techniques for each learner's needs.

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