NUVI: Innovative Edge for Success

Keith Nellesen, CEO
The ubiquitous influence of social media platforms in the education sector is allowing students as well as educators to build effective networks, share their passion, and interests. Today, universities and colleges all around have begun to implement social media platforms in order to interact with prospective students and alumni, and also enhance campus engagement. However, education institutions investing in social media technologies become futile if they are not able to monitor their engagements on all social networks and reap benefit out of it. Based in Lehi, UT, NUVI develops a real-time social intelligence platform or social media marketing suite to help institutions enhance their campus community by monitoring social media data, along with building brand image, enhancing student experience, and attracting prospective students.

NUVI offers social media command station to education institutions through which colleges can measure social impact of their brand and improve upon it. It also facilitates campus cops to enrich overall campus life experience by monitoring social media data. The institutions can track what students think of their college by identifying how many people researched about the institution, analyzing social media data, particular profiles reach and spread, and many more. The best part of NUVI’s social media strategy tool is that it provides customers the ability to create, edit, and manage monitors on their own. In addition, NUVI simplifies the process of mining historical social media data, analyzing all posts and tracking all the mentions. “Our focus is to organize the best team we can, put a system in place that allows us to scale media marketing at an amazing rate and then get out of the way,” says Keith Nellesen, Chairman & CEO, NUVI.

NUVI analyzes data from manifold sources, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Delicious, Reddit, Flickr, Vimeo and more than 3 million RSS feeds.

Our focus is to organize the best team we can, put a system in place that allows us to scale media marketing at an amazing rate and then get out of the way

This will give universities and colleges a better scope for improvement. Further, with user-friendly and efficient reporting tool, NUVI has made life even simpler and help in saving valuable time. Their publishing tool helps universities and colleges to deliver right content to the targeted audience and enhance their campus marketing. And NUVI’s visualization tool creates real-time visual displays of social media performance. Using this tool, clients can better formulate strategies that boost their company’s profile, while also monitoring the effectiveness of their marketing and social-media teams through NUVI’s exclusive visual representation of the conversation. “NUVI makes social conversations actionable by using elegant real-time dashboards and stunning visualizations. It’s fantastic to see our clients experiencing the quantifiable benefits of the NUVI platform,” says Nellesen.

“We've created a broad-based, simple easy to use social media tool that fits customer needs,” asserts Nellesen. One of the NUVI’s most prominent clients, Illinois State University uses NUVI’s Social Media Analytics Command Center (SMACC) to train their students in data analytics and strategy implementation. SMACC also enables users to track keywords, hashtags, and topics, and then see data visualizations.

NUVI, which started with just four employees, has now grown exponentially. It is partnered with more than 1200 companies, organizations and higher education institutions, both locally and abroad. NUVI is focused on engaging students with hands-on learning of social media, introducing students to the latest technologies, and legitimizing and quantifying social data to increase statistical significance for research. “Our focus is on the discovery of information and the diffusion of information,” concludes Nellesen.