Swizly: Social Media Aggregation Platform

Ziad Nassar, Co-founder, SwizlyZiad Nassar, Co-founder
Over the years, the face of the digital media industry has been gaining traction in all areas of life and business. As content from different social media platforms gets widespread, universities and businesses wanted to start aggregating and integrating new and live content into their websites and mobile applications, which often becomes very costly and timely for clients. “We developed a hub to aggregate content from just about all social media platforms that can be set up within a few minutes,” asserts Ziad Nassar, Co-founder of Swizly. With the myriad of social networks being utilized to propagate and consume content today, “Swizly can act as the home of all your different social media channels.”

Utilized by universities and institutions, Swizly is developed with the purpose to save resources for such clients through maintaining a connection to their various social media accounts and very much keeping them current with near real-time updates. “APIs get updated or outdated, and often clients end up with connections to platforms that are broken. Moreover, when students, who are sometimes in charge of specific platforms, move on to the next year or graduate, there is no one left to maintain them. This is where we take over,” Nassar connotes.

Setting up a client’s social hub is a very simple and short process. It’s just a matter of connecting the different channels with a few clicks and Swizly does the rest. Once the channels have been connected, the user can add additional information, customize the page to match their brand and even had a custom domain or subdomain and their social hub is up and running. “Leveraging Amazon Cloud infrastructure, we are removing the headache of having to develop and maintain an active social website or social feed,” says Nassar.

Swizly is the home of all your different social media channels

The differentiating factor that puts Swizly ahead of the competition curve, aside from the affordability, is their design and the front-end simplicity of their template. “We want to make sure we are able to innovate the design as time goes on,” says Nassar. To support that, Swizly offers the ability for clients to create their own custom templates, or for a small fee, have the Swizly team customize one based on the client’s design request.

Mobile and tablet browsing surpassed desktop last year and continues to grow, which is why Swizly has added the functionality to upload an app icon to give their clients a way to acquire some mobile real estate while providing direct mobile access to a school or brand’s social website. Another popular feature offered by Swizly is hashtag aggregation, which compiles all the content from mainly Twitter on a specific hashtag. “As much as you are creating content, you also want to aggregate and propagate it, especially if it comes from your students or faculty in the form of UGC,” Nassar points out. “Hashtag campaigns are a great way to blend offline and online marketing, as well.”

Universities want to showcase their campus life and all the attributes regarding their different schools, providing easy access to students as well as prospective students. “Swizly highlights the campus life across the college and acts as a great tool for alumni to keep up with all the latest news from their alma mater,” affirms Nassar.

Swizly plans to further develop and expand its offering array in the near future by adding an advanced analytics model and an automated page promotion tool into the picture, as well as investing more into their partner program. “The industry is always coming out with new things, and our team shares a common enthusiasm about the direction we’re going in and the possibilities that a dynamic website can bring,” concludes Nassar. Swizly is now beta testing a live feed offering for conferences, events and retail display which utilizes Swizly’s real-time data pull capability to showcase social content.