One Call Now: Enabling Customized Multi-Channel Communication

Eric Cox, National Sales Manager, One Call NowEric Cox, National Sales Manager
Schools vary widely and so do their populations, communities and budgets. Although many grapple with their own unique problems, all schools face common challenges, too. One Call Now helps schools successfully address these common issues by making it easy to quickly communicate via voice, text, and social media and email… and get results. One Call Now is revolutionizing the multi-channel messaging landscape, by enabling communication between key groups, both for emergency and informational messages. As Eric Cox, the National Sales Manager for One Call Now says, “We wanted to provide a complete communication tool, which helps schools get their message to a large, yet specific group of people in a timely manner.”

When it comes to education, One Call Now has over a decade of experience. In the past, schools may have sent weather closure notifications but not much more. One Call Now has changed all of that that with its easy to use interface. One Call Now is used in cases of emergency and closures but also for everyday occurrences like:

• lunch-balance reminders
• attendance calls
• bus breakdowns
• new schedules
• PTA conference reminders

One Call Now has patented integration points for nightly and real-time updates. One Call Now gives schools the ability to document the communication and helps them keep a log of all outgoing notifications. It is a SaaS-based application that can be setup with relative ease, by the school themselves, or with the help of One Call Now’s myriad of support options.

We wanted to provide a complete communication tool, which helps schools get their message to a large yet specific group of people in a timely manner

The system includes the capability for users to personalize messages for different variables like a student’s name, date, lunch balance, etc. One Call Now can also do a call transfer service, where parents can press a key to speak to a live person if a situation demands a one on one conversation with a real live person. They have translation as a feature available for multilingual communities. As a legitimate message notification provider, One Call Now gives recipients the ability to opt out of receiving notifications altogether or updating their contact information at any time.

Many states including California are passing legislation against lunch shaming. These bills ensure all students get a nutritionally-balanced meal and are not embarrassed in front of peers for unpaid school meal fees. Instead, the schools are to establish a process for informing their families about unpaid fees and payment options. One Call Now has helped The Hayward Unified School District comply with this proposed bill by automatically notifying parents when students’ lunch account balances are low. The subsequent integration of the messaging system ensured that the guardians are actually saving money by keeping the account balances in the positives, so the schools don’t have to give away lunch freely. Since improving communication with parents through the use of One Call Now, the district has collected thousands of dollars in outstanding lunch fees and is in compliance with the proposed lunch-shaming bill.

One Call Now is America’s largest message notification provider. More than 35,000 clients—schools, businesses, hospitals, first responders, churches and communities—depend on One Call Now for day-to-day and emergency notifications. Put One Call Now to work in your school to save time, reduce costs, keep students safe, and parents informed.