SchoolNEO, Inc: Specialized Cloud Modernizes Any Learning

Andy Pulianda, Founder & CEO, SchoolNEO, IncAndy Pulianda, Founder & CEO
“Let’s imagine” is how Andy Pulianda, Founder and CEO of SchoolNEO, and a former CIO of an education organization, begins. He continues, “Fast forward to a few years from now and try to visualize how our economy and the global economy will operate and the competencies needed then. Now, work backward to the present and ask yourself a simple question – will current capabilities and delivery models in our education and learning ecosystem empower our children and adults to thrive in that future?”

This was the topic that started a journey in 2013 leading to the formation of SchoolNEO and its Integrated Xperience Cloud™ (IXC), the industry’s first ‘vertical cloud’ for competency creation, development, and transformation. According to Pulianda, “Competency is the new convergence point for education, training, corporate learning and upskilling across age groups, and life stages. With kids in elementary grades coding in Minecraft and adults in the workplace creating marketing analytics with Machine Learning, we have entered the age of technology-infused continuous retooling”.

The IXC is a special-purpose one-stop-shop cloud with ready-to-use capabilities to modernize, transform, value-differentiate, and seamlessly integrate all the disparate parts of any ‘digital supply chain’ in K12 education, Vocational education, Higher education, Training, Corporate learning, and Skills transformation. It is built atop the highly secure FERPA and HIPAA compliant Microsoft Azure supercloud. Clients can not only design their own solutions, workflows, analytics, and automation within the IXC but also integrate their other proprietary systems and technologies of other vendors, partners, on-premises or on any cloud, including those from Amazon and Google. Initial capabilities of the IXC were released to production clients in 2013 and have been in continued development since.

Inside, the IXC is a growing collection of interlocking ecosystem-specific expert platforms, each performing a purposeful role (examples: Datafactory, Datastore, Learning record store, AI, Machine learning, Prediction, Prescription, Cognition, Identity federation, Blockchain registry, OCR, Access management, Campus-wide displays, instrumentation, and Live dashboards). Each platform provides its own services (for instance, the EDUdatafactory™ gathers data from diverse systems, including finance, human resource, student information, competency frameworks and learning records).

The IXC comes with SchoolNEO Solution Management Center™ (SSMC), the industry’s first single-pane-of-glass ‘command center’ built specifically for the competency ecosystem. Within the SSMC, clients can find offerings from SchoolNEO and its partners, deploy them, manage all their solutions and sites (including those on-premises and other clouds), and even selectively delegate support to their managed support partners. Several IXC platforms including Login Genie™, SchoolArc™, EDUanalytix™ and Brakkett™can securely integrate trusted advisors and experts for specialized work involving, say, analytical models, instructional design, or digital credentialing, or to deliver digital content or experience directly from a publisher to a specific individual or group.

With the IXC, clients can establish and deploy virtually any pattern of content, instruction, pedagogy, delivery method, machine intelligence and collaboration, at any scale, involving any combination of stakeholders, clients, partners, data, devices OER content, protocols, EDU standards, learning systems, student data systems, business-office systems, digital media, e-learning content, and mixed reality.

Along with its partner network, SchoolNEO offers planning, deployment, integration, training, analytics design, and operations support services. SchoolNEO offers a straightforward bundled pay-as-you-go pricing and no long-term service contracts are required.

“If you wished to create an organization as a Center of excellence for the competency ecosystem combining the hosting breadth of Rackspace™, software depth of Microsoft™, component strength of Syncfusion™, cloud prowess of Azure™, fulfillment capabilities of Amazon™ and the solution capabilities of Accenture™, you would have created SchoolNEO,” says Pulianda. “That’s what we’ve done. Clients can now easily, quickly and affordably orchestrate and deliver market segmented, value-differentiating, relevant, personalized, contextual, collaborative, AI enabled experiences to anyone, with zero capital investment.”