Prysm: Unifies Content and Applications into Cloud-based Workspaces

Paige O'Neill, CMO
Today’s education sector is headed for a digital race with the launch of tablets, laptops and smartphones in schools and universities. This has revolutionized the traditional classroom experience by giving rise to digitized curriculum with technologies like cloud computing being infused into education. As students are familiar with this advanced education system from infancy, they wish to have a seamless technology experience in the classroom when it comes to higher education like in universities. Challenged with this rising expectation, Prysm—San Jose, CA based firm is focused to bring this perspective transformation in the educational sector with their visual workplace technology solutions.

“Our visual workplace technology consisting of the software solution— Prysm Application Suite enables teams to collaborate on any device to pull in web-based content from various research sources,” asserts Paige O'Neill, CMO at Prysm. It combines application, the web, and video conferencing solution into one seamless digital workspace, for an experience that can be shared and simultaneously worked on by any number of users at the same time. The company has evolved a great deal in terms of products and solutions with its invention of Laser Phosphor Display (LPD), which uses a patented laser engine and a phosphor panel to create breathtakingly beautiful images with low-power, solid-state lasers. Compared to other digital technologies, Prysm’s solutions have the lowest total cost of ownership, using up to 75 percent less energy, and offering an array of advanced features, benefits, and usage possibilities.

Beating decades of antiquated systems that exhaust time and resources, Prysm invests heavily in cloud and believes that the future of business and university is focused on cloud. Powerful insights, video conferencing, display formats, easy-to-build data are few words which describe the offerings of Prysm.

We have made the software solution available on any mobile device and continue to expand a range of collaboration opportunities built for universities and corporations

The web-based application creates a visually engaging environment for student to collaborate and allow the users to edit the content, write on the screen and also allows sharing the experience with any other displays anywhere in the world. It is robust, yet easy-to-use due to its intuitive user interface and provides complete information to the students through cloud regarding their work assigned by the teacher. It enable the students to submit their assignments or clarify their doubts within the system from anywhere and from any device. “We have made the software solution available on any mobile device and continue to expand a range of collaboration opportunities built for universities and corporations,” explains O'Neill.

For example, University of Denver approached Prysm as they were facing a challenge specifically within their center for statistic and visualization. They wanted a solution for their students to handle multiple sets of data at the same time and be able to visualize and engage with it efficiently. In addition, they were also concerned about the environment factor. With Prysm’s Visual Workplace solution, the students were able to collaborate on projects easily and realize data visualization in ways that were never possible before.

With an increasingly global footprint, the firm has recently added advanced features to their software through which educational content can be accessed from any mobile device. The firm aims to improve better capabilities to add third-party contents through web browser—co-browsing, to get rid of the delay in collaboration steps. Talking about Prysm’s future O'Neill shares, “Working with a number of educational institutions as our customers, we are constantly striving to bring more engagement and excitement into the classroom.