SchoolMessenger: Unifying K-12 Communications across North America

Sanford Kenyon, President and CEO, SchoolMessengerSanford Kenyon, President and CEO
Over 3,900 apps, classroom management systems and other software services prevail in the school systems in the U.S. today. The ease of accessibility through connected devices has paved the way for a new breed of learning apps, websites and software services. While digital tools carry enormous potential to make education readily accessible and efficient; managing websites, newsletters, facebook, twitter, e-mails, phone calls, push notifications, and text messages incoherently can be overwhelming. Allowing for schools to unify their communication needs, while managing multiple-channels is SchoolMessenger—a trusted provider of K-12 communications solutions for 55,000 school boards, charter schools, private schools, and other educational institutions across North America.

“From notifications and websites to custom mobile apps and social media, school leaders use our platform to engage with their communities in multiple languages and on any device,” states Robert Iskander, GM, SchoolMessenger. The SchoolMessenger notification system delivers timely communications to parents, guardians, and students, etc. from the school and vice-versa on matters such as attendance, general interest activities and school and district emergencies. Users may choose the method of contact that works best for them—home phones, cell phones, text message, or email. “We allow schools to unify all communication channels across all devices and platforms.”SchoolMessenger combines school notification, mobile apps, and web content management all under one, easy-to-use platform.”

With over 1.35 billion Facebook users and 284 million Twitter users worldwide, the usage of social media in schools can provide a significant strategic advantage for K-12 districts. Most parents and community members look to social media to gain insight into what is happening at the school. Educators can leverage this channel to build and sustain trusted relationships, but K12 social media management can be difficult and time-consuming without the right tools.

We allow schools to unify all communication channels across all devices and platforms

Helping schools across the country capitalize on this social media trend; SchoolMessenger K12 Social offers an all-in-one social media management platform to manage all social media activity from one central location.

With one click, K12 Social publishes content to any number of popular social sites and profiles including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, and much more. One simple swipe across a screen provides a at-a-glance view of all incoming messages and questions across the most popular social networks. It identifies ongoing conversations on a school or district on social media by tapping sources from local news sites to personal blogs and sends regular alerts in real time. “K12 Social relays the data needed to improve an institution’s social media efforts over time and helps other district leaders understand the importance of social engagement,” says Iskander. K12 Social tracks every kind of social media activity and aids the review of overall performance, or recognizing how an individual social profile is doing. “SchoolMessenger also understands the value of protecting student data, and has signed a Student Privacy Pledge to reinforce its stance,” reiterates Iskander.

Some other facets of the integrated solution offered by the enterprise include the SchoolMessenger InfoCenter that allows on-the-move parents to stay connected and access critical information on their schedule on a device they choose. “School mobile apps from SchoolMessenger in-tandem with 24x7x365 support help educators garner trust and make their apps successful,” affirms Iskander.