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Marc Leibowitz, Co-Founder & CEO, TeacherPlanBook.comMarc Leibowitz, Co-Founder & CEO
Progressing beyond the conventional classroom chalk talk, the education ecosystem has evolved by leaps and bounds in terms of learning standards and interaction between teachers and students. The influx of digital technology has heralded a multitude of opportunities to enable collaboration within the education community, fostering trust and building relationships through communication. While academic excellence, to a great extent, hinges on effective communication among students, teachers, and even parents, there is a dearth of simple and efficient education collaboration platforms in the educational ecosystem that can promote deeper learning. Bridging this market gap, TeacherPlanBook. com offers a state-of-the-art platform with best-in-class cloud-based tools and functionalities to facilitate collaboration between teachers, students, administrators, and even parents to develop high-level thinking lesson plans and enrich the learning process. “TeacherPlanBook (TPB) offers the tools that change the dynamic between teachers and administrators, inspiring team formation wherein everyone is involved and strives to bring out the best in students,” asserts Marc Leibowitz, CEO and Co-Founder of TeacherPlanBook.com.

Governed by a mission to transform the way education is delivered in the US and around the world, TPB enables students to forge their path of success by helping them synthesize original thoughts to drive innovation and invention. “TBP does what the teachers have been long waiting for—an opportunity to collaborate and advance beyond the old-school teaching methods, orchestrating better lesson plans to help students learn deeper and better,” explains Jay Condrill, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, TeacherPlanBook.com. TPB also assists in planning lessons tailored to the requirements of children with special needs to ensure that every child is brought into the fold and no child is left behind. Over and above, to encourage the involvement of parents in every step of their child’s progress, TPB provides tools to keep them informed through timely communications.

TeacherPlanBook offers the tools that change the dynamic between teachers and administrators, inspiring team formation wherein everyone is involved and strives to bring out the best in students

Apart from assisting teachers in developing successful lesson plans, linking them to additional resources, conforming to core curriculum mandates, the TPB platform comprises the learning analytics feature that allows for thorough assessment of class performances. Leveraging the learning analytics, administrators and district superintendents can gain access to the activities of each classroom or school in real time, without having to meet the teachers personally. “We can compare schools against schools, teachers against teachers, classrooms against classrooms and determine their timely progress to change and improve the outcomes before the standardized test comes about,” states Condrill.

Conventional processes of evaluation of teachers, wherein teacher performances were assessed two or five times a year based on seniority, have become a thing of the past. With Teacher Plan Book, teachers can collaborate with administrators or principals on a regular basis to discuss lesson plans and revise them as and when required. Additionally, TPB provides teachers with the benefit of saving and archiving lesson plan books at the end of the year that can be carried forward to the next year. Being a teacher-centric software, TPB enables teachers to self-analyze their performances whereby they can compare their lesson plans with previous year’s and devise better lesson plans to promote higher-level thinking among students.

Venturing ahead, TeacherPlanBook.com is endeavoring to add value to the teaching landscape by supplementing their platform with added features. Enhancing their analytics feature, TPB aims to monitor IEP goals and help administrators analyze if lesson plans are tailored for IEP standards. “We are looking to build a multi-language platform where TPB can be effectively used in different languages besides English and also to deliver messages in multiple languages,” says Max Altolaguirre, Vice President, Cloud Solutions, TeacherPlanBook.com.

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