Fishtree: Assessments and Assignments through Intuitive Interfaces

Terry Nealon, Co-Founder & CEO
Across the globe, students from elementary through secondary school are progressively leveraging the power of innovative wireless devices to collaborate with peers, access rich digital content, and customize their learning methods. Always on and constantly connected, smart phones and tablets give today's pupil a new door to knowledge, specialists, and experiences that was previously difficult to reach. Fishtree is one among the few firms working relentlessly to add to the plethora of tools that are paradigm of modern education. The company offers an innovative personalization platform that combines standard-aligned resources and social media-based tools with world-class analytics to save teachers time, and help students learn. Keeping pace with the latest trends in education such as Mobile Learning—Fishtree has enabled its platform to be mobile friendly and portable with almost all the devices, further encouraging technology integration in education. Enabling educators to engage in the most incredible personalized and adaptive instruction experience through the use of mobile devices for learning is further encouraged. “Our goal is to accelerate the ability of teachers to reach their students while simplifying some of the time-consuming tasks,” says Terry Nealon, CEO and Co-Founder of Fishtree. “Imagine getting all resources, open educational resources, premium and real-time content, lesson planning, reports on any computer or device and marry that with the ability to adapt to every student.”

Fishtree is the ideal solution for educators working in blended, flipped, or project-based learning environments. With Fishtree educators can easily find interactive teaching resources including textbooks, open education resources (OER), and real-time content—align them together to form a Common Core, according to each learner’s need. “Fishtree combines adaptive learning with powerful analytics—providing a digital lesson planner, the most engaging resources, automatically aligning content to state standards, personalizing resources for every learner, and providing the most incredible insight into student learning through its powerful performance analytics,” adds Nealson.

Our goal is to accelerate the ability of teachers to reach their students while simplifying some of the time-consuming tasks

Fishtree’s next generation system allows teachers to create lessons easily and quickly, from any location, at any time. Using the system’s built-in lesson planner, educators can create a lesson using the most relevant and interactive resources without the hassle of trawling through other sites and textbooks. Fishtree offers teachers the most relevant, interactive, and engaging resources from the best possible sources. While creating a lesson with the system, the company recommends resources from their dynamic content library, according to the learning objectives outlined—these resources include the best articles, videos, podcasts, and even real-time media specifically tailored to individual lessons.

The platform also ensures all students are challenged to the best of their ability and every single student is engaged. Fishtree provides the necessary tools to implement the most effective digital learning environments, and created a management platform that requires little maintenance and encourages high performance. Using the system, a teacher can manage multiple classes at once, store every lesson and activity specific to each class, and track and save all student activity, without the necessity for constant updates. Fishtree’s multitasking learning platform allows teachers to keep track of student progress easily and effectively, without the necessity of creating and saving numerous activities and assessments.

The company’s dynamic team is made up of innovative senior education technology professionals, with a dedication to providing the most user-friendly, collaborative, engaging and adaptive system on the market. The company is continuously expanding its global network with partners in various countries, and wants to provide their clients with the best solutions possible in education landscape.