7 Best Apps To Promote Apps Culture

Education Technology Insights | Friday, January 17, 2020

Today’s educational apps provide users access to educational resources from different types and sources. So, how do the learners benefit from the app culture?

FREMONT, CA: Due to the popularity of Internet-enabled mobile devices and the rise of apps culture, the trend of mobile learning is gaining popularity. Almost all the learners are using the power of apps to connect, share, and learn on the go. These apps provide you access to a diversified wealth of educational resources that include recorded lectures from leading universities, instructional videos covering different topics, bestselling books, courses on different specialization, and many more. Here is a list of great apps for mobile learners:

1.     The Great Courses Plus

The Great Courses Plus is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV. It will bring more than 11,000 colleges level videos and lectures at your fingertips. The subscription provides access to several educational videos taught by experts in all the useful fields. With this app, subscribers learn everything about anything, from anywhere, with the world’s most excellent professors as their instructors. It provides monthly and annual subscription and a free trial as well. This app is the best way to get an education at your own pace. This free app helps you to explore subject matter you’re interested in without requiring a commitment to attend classes. With the Great Courses Plus app, one can learn while commuting, exercising, or just enjoying down time at home.

2.     TED                                                                  

TED Conferences LLC is the seller of TED, and it is of 31.7 MB. TED enables one to watch videos with subtitles in over 100 languages, or users can easily download videos to watch offline. Users can explore over 2,000 videos and learn from the world’s most remarkable people. This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

3.     Blinkist

From great books, Blinkist transforms the key insights of more than 3,000 bestselling nonfiction books into powerful packs you can read or listen to in just 15 minutes. Over 10 million users are using the app. Blinkist distills the key insights of over 2,000 bestselling nonfiction books into compelling 15-minute reads or listens. Boost the knowledge and gain new perspectives to become a better, smarter you.

4.     iTunes U

iTunes U provides everything an instructor needs to bring the classroom together on an iPad. It can collect and grade assignments, start class discussions, helps to build lessons, and talk with students to answer questions and provide feedback. Anyone having iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can learn from a large collection of the free education content in public courses from leading schools, universities, museums, and cultural institutions.

5.     Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an education app whether you’re a parent helping your first grader with geometry or a postgrad student looking for a deep dive into microfinance. Khan Academy enables you to learn almost everything for free. Users can access more than 10,000 videos and explanations in math, science, economics, history, and other subjects.

6.     Lynda

Users can learn technology, creative, and business skills, on the go, with the Lynda.com iOS app. Lynda.com is now LinkedIn Learning. Users can easily access all courses from the subscription library, can download courses for offline viewing, and can also share courses across social network apps. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and Apple TV. English, French, German, and Spanish are the languages supported by the app.

7.     Udemy Online Courses

Udemy is featuring more than 130,000 video courses taught by expert instructors. It is an online learning platform that has both free and paid courses. Here over 40 million students are mastering new skills, advancing their careers, and exploring new hobbies.

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