Avoid Obstacles Of Onboarding Training With An LXP: Here's How

Education Technology Insights | Monday, April 27, 2020

Nowadays with the help of LXPs companies can easily provide painless and effective onboarding training to their employees.

FREMONT, CA: Incorporating new workers is a bit challenging task for HR and managers too, and the more difficult thing is to make them comfortable during onboarding training. All the organizations try to build an effective and painless platform for onboarding training, and LXP can help them to create a more efficient training platform.

Here are some of the ways of how using an LXP can mitigate the obstacles to onboarding training:

1. Too Much To Process

Usually, onboarding engages learning about the new organization, being introduced to your new team and managers, and getting a sense of the organization’s culture, as well as starting your new role. An organization needs to make sure that new hires don’t feel lost. LXPs have the power to provide their workers experience that helps employees better retain the information they access.

2. Time Management

Top 10 EdTech Startups - 2019Most of the time, new workers are faced with conflicting priorities. They need time to adjust with their new roles and to become integrated into their new teams, but on the other hand, they’re faced with the need to complete the onboarding training. LXPs play a major role in providing a balance between onboarding and working by just freeing up worker’s time. The other good thing about LXP is that they are available not only on desktops but o mobile devices also. Their content is chunked for microlearning, so it is easily and quickly digestible. LXPs provide the option to complete onboarding at your own speed.

3. Meeting the Team

Onboarding is considered as a series of introduction. The worker may meet their manager, HR, or CEO, but these initial encounters are rarely instantly productive. The social platform of AXP takes their lead from experiences with social media, and they communicate to individuals and teams. People in the organization can talk to each other with the help of chatbots provided by LZP. It allows you easy access to both people and information, especially if the organization makes use of user-generated content to distill useful tips from experienced employees.

4. Lack Of Engagement And Motivation

Sometimes onboarding training becomes difficult and tedious, a sense to finish it soon comes into mind. It will lead to a sense of isolation at a time when integration is a crucial goal. LXP will counter that sense of exclusion by providing a support structure that is always accessible to new hires. LXP tries to provide a supportive, collaborative environment to motivate them. Now new workers can chart their paths through the onboarding stage.

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