Cloud-Based LMSs Are here to Change E-Learning

Education Technology Insights | Monday, February 04, 2019

Today, many companies are moving their core processes to the cloud. With technological advancement, the world of e-learning has also progressed, making the effectiveness and convenience of Learning Management System (LMS) more beneficial to employees. Below mentioned are a few trends and their benefits that one must consider.

• Significant Trends for LMS system

The corporate culture is moving towards the cloud-based learning management systems for their training needs, and hence this innovation is transforming the way these systems are developed. This platform is in high demand due to the low-costs and making fast implementation a reality. Cloud enables individuals to store learning content in the cloud and allows course designers to upload more video content as cloud technology provides quick loading time for these types of content. Video-based learning is highly desirable for any LMS as employees are likely to watch a video instead of reading a text; this format helps in information retention.

Cloud-based LMS enables companies to develop an ecosystem of tools as per their requirement, including analytics plug-ins and other devices that are compatible with the Experience API or xAPI.

This API platform forms a structure where learning experiences are tracked across different platforms and are solidified to deliver relevant analytics and provide better recommendations for customized learning content. This type of system boosts employee engagement as now they will be able to track the progress and offer more content that is likely to be preferred and are interesting in all aspects. Cloud-based solution also supports mobile-based learning as it is convenient to develop a customized e-learning application with cloud-hosted content. 

• Cloud is the Solution

Cloud is a more affordable solution than investing in hardware to host an LMS on-site. This technology is a perfect fit for companies with a remote workforce or the ones that enforce a BYOD policy.

The flexibility of cloud innovation is easy to roll out new solutions as needed, upload new course materials and set up automated backups for data. Also, the cloud vendors offer security solutions that keep learner’s data safe and protect their content.

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