E-Learning: A Step towards a Smarter Future!

Education Technology Insights | Friday, August 30, 2019

Novel technologies have paced up the game of e-learning. Smarter education system makes students curious about new digital ways of learning! 

FREMONT, CA: With technology, the education sector has been welcoming a multitude of smart advancements. The best educational technology doesn't replace the old-school classroom but only intensifies it. Most educators have embraced learning management systems into their teaching practice in some form or another. Student growth and assignments can now be efficiently accessed and tracked. Having an online base for a class means that other helpful technologies such as seamless resource access can be integrated. Here are some of the e-learning solutions, which are shaping the education system.

• Adaptive Learning      

Personalization helps in engaging the customers as adaptive learning is a technology supporting learning content. Adaptive learning is the approach of adjusting the path and velocity of learning to each learner's requirements. By using adaptive learning, teachers can curtail training time. This helps in increasing the ROI, as employees spend more time working and limited-time training.

• AI as Learner Assistant

It is a higher-tech innovation but similar to adaptive learning with advanced features. Artificial Intelligence can be applied to predict a learners' behavior, as well as to help personalize the learning. It helps in curating a training path and anticipates future career development needs. AI also personalizes the process of learning.

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• Virtual Reality          

Businesses and organizations have started espousing virtual reality for training. VR for e-learning and training is an innovation that the learning group is loving to the core. It has continued to expand as it is used in teaching multiple safety-related methods. This is a growing trend that has grown immensely for its primary modes of implementing learning content.

Implementing adaptive learning, AI, and VR have leveled up the game of e-learning. It is all set for the whole learning industry and become more resolute with each passing year. With the latest educational innovations, teachers and students now have immeasurable access to quality resources and effective learning programs than ever before.

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