Enhanced Customer Experience with Knowledge Sharing Initiatives

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Being the most important sector to deal with the young minds, it is essential for schools to revamp their prevailing methods of keeping a proper connection with students and parents, as with the changing time the demands have passed through several filters of changes. Moreover, these changes are immediate outcomes of the technological advancements including the formation and gradual growth of several e-learning platforms and e-schools.

Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) Midwinter Conference is one of the most popular platforms that provide the school leaders of Texas with the opportunity to be together in discussing and sharing their innovative ideas and for addressing those problems they come across every moment.


The TASA Midwinter Conference felt the excitement to have a look at the professional learning platform from K12 Insight intended at helping school leaders to bring substantial improvements in school culture and climate ensuring more better customer experience. Moreover, the TASA attendees were given the golden opportunity to win free workshop for leaders and their teams. K12 Insight leverages cloud-based technology and offers professional development and training to empower school leaders to pay heed to complaints and suggestions of parents properly. Therefore, school leaders are enabled to draw the perfect roadmap for relevant actions.


K12 Insight’s innovative and guided courses ensure professional development due to the presence of an experienced team, interactive sessions, updated study materials, and certificates. Interestingly, the company provides diverse courses that aim at creating exceptional customer services, establishing a customer service mindset, and providing fundamental skills to resolve problems more precisely.

Most of the schools remain focused on the achievements of students, but while becoming more attentive at this factor, they often overlook or underestimate foundational aspects, such as the culture and climate of the school. K12 Insight depicts the perfect way-out for emerging K-12 schools, so that, besides offering powerful teaching and learning platform, they may concentrate precisely on their strategic goals. The TASA Midwinter Conference was the perfect arena to build a connection with top school leaders, and K12 Insight’s innovative initiative to cater to better customer experience has gained tremendous popularity.

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