How Adaptive Learning Benefits Training?

Education Technology Insights | Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Adaptive learning can greatly improve the impact of any training program through increased learner engagement and retention.

FREMONT, CA: Different people have different potentials to achieve their goals and distinct understanding of the world, so they need different methods of learning as well. Some of the organizations still try to feed everybody with the same spoon, which is not a successful method. In such cases, adaptive learning is the best method to tackle all kinds of people.

Here are some benefits of adaptive learning to an organization:

Less Boredom and Confusion

Learners will find this method more comfortable with less boredom and confusion. As on the other hand, sit through training is not beneficial and is a total waste of money and time. If there are only 20 minutes of a 60-minute course that bring benefits to a given person; why a person should waste the other 40-minutes? The best training is that which helps us to get up to speed efficiently and also leads to get the work done quickly.

More Joy

There is a human’s value in work experiences that all the adult learners want to be in control of what they do and see. Earlier, there was a trend in the training method that one-size-fits-all, but now it is not applicable at it can lead to anger or frustration because sometimes it is not beneficial for all. Different learners have different fields of interest, so it is better to give them control over their learning. This process will make them happier and will also strengthen them. One can learn things in a proper manner only if they get a comfortable platform and environment.

Easier Instructional Design

If the course provided is in a one-size-fits-all form, then it is the duty of an Instructional Designer (ID to ensure that every bit of it is relevant to all of the targeted audience, in all situations. This process may lead to rewriting and reworking again and also involve difficult decision-making as to what to include and what to omit.

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