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Education Technology Insights | Friday, March 01, 2019

Higher education is morphing into a completely different species. Because of a world of debt and unfathomable student loans, going to college does not seem to be a necessity anymore, and so, a number of universities are putting themselves out there to fish for potential students.

New notable trends are being followed by higher education. Online education, just as the words suggest, an individual can enroll himself for a certified online course that is recognized internationally.

Digitalizing textbooks to slowly eliminating heavy textbooks: Rationalizing this vision seemed farfetched and costly in the beginning. But in the long run, it would save the schools money for new textbooks yearly, and the authorities can upload study material for each term on the same device. Introducing AI has transformed the quality of higher education. AI acts as a personal learning companion for an individual. Job readiness is being made a priority.

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With the emphasis on tackling student debt, institutions are paying attention to how the students are to be prepared for the workforce. Schools are concentrating on developing and honing the skills of students to meet the needs sought out by employers. Privacy was noted to be one of the leading issues faced by higher education, so student data—acquired from marketing, student services, alumni, and faculty departments—privacy is being prioritized. Wearable technology keeps track of a student's whereabouts and making payments with such devices to avoid theft and bullying while aiding paperless transactions.

Colleges have opened designated thrift shops on campus to give reusable products assigned to be disposed of. Universities are providing means for students to cope with mental stress, anxiety, and depression, by running mental health organizations. More comfortable means for students to earn credit to reduce the amount of money one must invest to complete their degree. Some colleges are already considering and applying the competency-based learning system, rather than the learning system. Under competency-based learning, students are allowed to work through their course at their own pace. Rather than the hours put in by them during class, exam scores are better for assessment.

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Education is and always will be the fore frontier to the evolution of humankind. Any advancement in that will be a boon to the coming generation and thus eliminating the radical about leaving nothing behind for anybody.

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